To improve your credit rating.


Your credit rating or any other name and your ENT rating are the names given to the records where your financial history with banks is kept. In order to increase your credit rating, you must first establish a working order with banks. Here are the situations that lower and raise your credit rating:

You should pay attention not to drop your credit rating;

You should pay attention not to drop your credit rating;

1. If you have any disruptive loans, you should arrange them. If you have difficulty paying, you can go to the bank branch to extend the maturity and reduce the amount of installments.

2.Do not expire your credit cards due date. If you cannot pay your full statement debt, pay the minimum amount . Paying the minimum amount does not lower your credit rating.

3. Install your credit card payments according to your monthly income. Use a small number of high-limit credit cards rather than multiple credit cards. This will make it easier for you to track your payments.

4.Do not apply more if you have had your loan request rejected at several banks. Any application that is rejected will lower your credit rating.

5. Pay your credit or credit cards with automatic payment instruction if you have the possibility. In this way, you forget and eliminate the risk of late payment.

6. Check if you owe the banks before making any address or telephone changes. Because even very small debts can not reach you, the banks can follow up (foreclosure) status.

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Here’s how to upgrade your credit rating:


1. Start if you do not work with the banks. A person must work with banks in order to obtain a credit rating. A person who does not work with banks does not help the majority of banks in the credit process. Because he doesn’t see the payment scheme.

2. Place an automatic payment order to your credit card, your credit card will be active all the time, in which case your credit rating will be increased.

3.If you have a high demand for credit in the future, you can withdraw and pay small loans. It will improve your credit rating and make it easier for banks to give you high credit.

4. Close your small limit credits to get high limit credits from banks. Even if you pay your bank loans regularly, your credit and credit card debt may be low. Your credit rating increases as you pay to banks.

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As a result,

According to the accountworm finance experts, the only difference of banks from tradesmen should be more institutional. If your payments are regular and your debt is low, banks will always respond to your demands positively.